Celine Cayatte, Miami, Fl

“NOT ONLY IS DANCEATION A UNIQUE WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY  BUT ALSO AN AMAZING WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SOUL.  When you’re above 35 years old it might be a challenge to learn how to dance especially when you never learned it as a kid.  Thanks to Danceation, I unleashed the dancer in me through the prism of my emotions and my sense of rhythm by listening to the music and absorbing the beats of music.  What enthralls me most about Danceation is how people connect during the class and after it. Whereas I tried many fitness classes I’ve never experienced the flow.  You’ll notice that when people smile at you, you smile back and are happier, you’re more eager to engage with others and build relationships. This is exactly what happens during this one-hour class in which you dance, sing, connect.”